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Eduardo is featured Teaching Artist for the Washington State Arts Commission

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*Assemblies by Show Brazil!  - *Residencies by Eduardo Mendonça.

 - Dancer are available upon request -


    Brazil, the largest country of South America, is domicile to one of the most lively African-based cultural communities in the Americas. Centered in the state of Bahia, Afro-Brazilian traditions have transformed Brazilian music and dance in many ways.

    Show Brazil!,  led by well-known recording artist Eduardo Mendonça, presents an exciting and dynamic introduction to Brazil through its music and dance. Through the wide range of performances styles, students will appreciate Brazil as a complex and multicultural society with a rich and complex history.

    Eduardo Mendonça, a former high school principal in Brazil, also offers workshops and residencies. Workshops are available for choirs, general music classes and social studies projects. Residencies for the entire school can include costume making, and creating your school’s own Carnival!


v    Language Arts/Communication 3 and 4

v    Social Studies/History 1 and 3

v    Social Studies/Geography 1

v    Arts 1, Arts 2 and Arts 3



Language Arts - Hearing and reproducing sung and spoken Portuguese

Social Studies  -  Understanding cultural change

                      - Understanding the impact of slavery in the Americas

     Arts                     -  inking dance, song and story

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“Thank you for all the teaching and energy. I have really enjoyed your enthusiasm and talent. The different instruments you play are amazing! The experience I have had will stay with me for the rest of my life. My favorite instrument was the Agogo bells. Brazil sounds like an awesome place to visit.”

Clayton Zimmerman , Sixth grade student

Chimacum Middle School - Chimacum, WA (Spring 1999)


"Dear Eduardo,
   Wow, what a workshop!  You are amazing!  The students (most of them teachers) just loved your performance, participatory segments, and words to them.  One marching band director said to me that he was convinced that his band could be energized on the field if he could learn and then teach to them ways of sparking of their pieces, Brazilian-style".

Dr. Patricia Campbell - University Washington".  

Brazilian Percussion workshop at University of Washington - Summer 2002.


"I was most impressed with Eduardo's command of his subject matter and his skill as a musician, and was very pleasantly surprised at his affability and skill as an educator."

Steve Ticen, Choir Director at Lakeridge High School - Portland, OR


“Show Brazil was the best program we have had in years!”

Jim Jamieson, Music Specialist

Lewis and Clark Elementary - Richland, WA


" Thanks so much for coming to our school! That was no doubt the Best assembly we have ever had!

  Please come back to Ferrucci next year so we don't have to have any more boring speakers!

 Ian Hess-Baxter, Junior High Student

Ferrucci Jr. High School. Puyallup, WA (May 2008).


"I just wanted to let you know how much fun today’s assembly was. The students and I loved it! So many students were involved with it, actually everyone with all of the clapping and shouting and dancing at the end. It was very engaging with wonderful music, bright colors, the dancing, etc. I loved how the performers moved throughout the audience. It was great! My students talked about it on the way back to class and in class for a long time. When a student came in late who had been out all morning, many students said, “You missed it! The best assembly!” We all need more of that kind of active engagement with performers and just pure joy! Thank you for arranging for coming."

 From a 4th Grade teacher of

South Colby Elementary School - Port Orchard, WA (May 2008)


The newest "Study Guide for Teachers" created by Eduardo Mendonça,

is available free of charge for teachers in schools participating in Show Brazil!'s educational programs.

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Show Brazil! opens a typical performance with the percussion rhythms of Ijexá, Afro-Brazilian rhythms brought to Brazil by African slaves in the 16th Century. The music then moves into Baião, combining lively rhythms and heartfelt lyrics from the people of the Sertão (a desert region of Northeastern Brazil). Next comes Maculelê, a tradition originating from an ancient Afro-Brazilian war dance. The rhythms and songs of Maculelê reflect the invincible spirit and imagination of slaves working the sugar- cane fields in Brazil. Following Maculelê is Capoeira music. This form of music comes from a Brazilian martial art developed by 17th Century escaped African slaves. Capoeira movements are known for their acrobatic leaps and fierce playfulness. Succeeding Capoeira are the electrifying rhythms of Samba and Galope. The music of Samba-Reggae (the heart and soul of Afro-Brazilian Popular Music) concludes our show. Originating in Salvador, Samba-Reggae has become popular the world over.

Featured musical instruments include the Berimbau (a tall, bowed instrument with a gourd), and a full array of drums and other percussion instruments (Surdo, Repinique, Cuíca, Triângulo, Pandeiro, Tamborim and Agogô).

The program is of 45 minutes, and can be modified in length or content for specific audiences.

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