"Brazil and Me" shows a variety of Brazilian musical styles, as well as the musical influences that Brazil has received from other cultures. We cannot speak of Brazilian music without mentioning the African and European influences that joined the native Brazilians.


"Brazil and Me" is about me, who in my compositions (Na América for example), looks not only to show the result of fusing South and North America, but to portray as well the initial challenges of any immigrant like me, and like many of us.


"Brazil and Me" is for all of us who believe in this bridge that links different nations that -- not even speaking the same idiom -- can be truly connected through this inexplicable power called ART.  (2009 BMI)


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"Dois em 1" (Second Edition):


 "Dois em 1" is a compilation of songs from “Eduardo Mendonça – Show Brazil!” (1997), and “Eduardo Mendonça – Brazil in Washington (2003)”. One song, "Space Needle Dançou" (The Space Needle Danced), a samba-reggae, employs the image of Seattle’s most famous icon along with Salvador’s best-known landmark, the Lacerda Elevator.


All songs are written and copyrighted by Eduardo Mendonça, except Maculelê (Brazilian Traditional – Public Domain) - (2008 BMI)


EDUARDO MENDONÇA: Brazil in Washington:

"Brazil in Washington"

This album authenticates the presence of the Brazilian musician Eduardo Mendonça in the United States. This record contains original songs, and one from traditional folklore of Brazil. The lyrics reflect love, freedom, and social reality. The sound is smooth, mostly acoustic, and shows the diversity of Brazilian Rhythms in a single album.  (2003 BMI)

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